Donations (Physical)

The Museum takes donations related to Gibsonville’s economic, social, and political history. We accept documents (archives) and objects (artifacts) for our collection and Museum. The critical common denominator of any kind of donation is their direct or indirect-but-clear relationship to Gibsonville.

  • Donated documents generally have included genealogical or family records, agency records (stores, businesses, government), photographs, and printed matter. These include birth and death records, occupational and military records, letters, diaries, memoirs, scrapbooks (these often contain valuable information), books, broadsheet advertisements, newspaper clippings, and the like.
  • Objects collections cover a wide ranging variety of subjects, including, tools, furniture, weapons, machinery, medicines, jewelry, sports, education, and art.

The Gibsonville Museum is always ready to consider any donation. People often mistakenly feel that a donation must be sizable or with numerous components to be relevant or worth consideration. Sometimes it is the smallest object or the single reference in a document that is the most telling. Perhaps it is a signature of someone important or a small fact not known to date. Regardless, when placed in context to other elements of the collection, seemingly minor or mundane things can enhance our knowledge of Gibsonville.

While all donations are appreciated, the GMHSI is especially interested in:

  • Objects or documents that precede the incorporation of the town; for example, having to do with early settlement activities. Not much is known about the settlement of this area prior to the construction of the railroad in 1849-1857.

  • April 2017 will be the century mark for the United States’ entry into the World War. Two million servicemen were sent overseas, supported by men and women serving in the Medical Corps, the Red Cross, and other auxiliary groups. Undoubtedly some of them were from Gibsonville. Currently the Museum has few military collections and nothing of the First World War. The Museum would benefit by having a stronger military collection to reflect the service of the men and women of our community.

  • Gibsonville School Annuals from 1949, 50, 60, 68, 69, 70, 71 and 74.

The GMHSI is a non-profit, member funded, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Donations are both tax deductible and greatly appreciated. Donations are considered for acceptance and received during traditional Museum hours (the first Saturday of each month from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, as of January 2017). If this is not convenient, please contact Curator Howard Hendricks at 336-516-6773 or Deleno Flynn at 336-266-8304.